Turkish Power Supplies Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish power supplies, Turkey power supplies manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality power supplies from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

GAMATRONIC ELECTRONIC IND.        İsrail     S. Goren    
s battery chargers, interter, inverters, power supplies, power supply, uninterruptible power systems, ups
ATB ELEKTRIK OTOMASYON        Türkiye         
s electrical products, cables, cable, lighting products, led lighting, automatisation products, electrical switching products, power sources, power supplies, led street lightings, led street armatures, projectors, led transformers, electrical automatisation, led projectors, power sources
s ups, ups power supply, ups power, uninterruptible power supply, power supply, power supplies
ESIS ENERJI A.S.        Türkiye     MUSTAFA BIYIK    
s uninterruptible power supplies, inverters, grid connected and disconnected networks, grid-connected inverters, connectionless network inverters, dc power supplies, rectifier and battery charger, static frequency converters, servo and static voltage regulators, specific types of power systems, military-type mobile uninterruptible power systems, inverter, voltage regulator, frequency converters, solar products, wind energy products, power supplies, connectionless network inverters, static frequency converters, frequency converters
KONYA ELMAK TIC. SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Gül GÜRDAĞ    
s plastic buttons, spiral energy saving bulbs, halogen bulbs, led flourescents, led armatures, led bulbs, led panels, led spots, led cords, led transformers, power supplies, current relays, contactors, thermic relays, thermal relays, metal buttons, joysticks, crane command controls, sirens, signal lamps, terminals, footswitches, cord end terminals, relays, relay sockets, led bulb, terminal, relay, power supply, contactor, signal lamp, current relay, led panels, led armature, led panel, thermal relay, led spot, joystick, metal button, siren, plastic button, spiral energy saving bulb, halogen bulb, led flourescent, led cord, led transformer, thermic relay, crane command control, footswitch, cord end terminal, relay socket
ANT MUHENDISLIK SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s ac speed control, button, the encoder nemico, encoders, photoelectric sensors, safety barriers, security products, power supplies, speed sensors, tower light rotary lights, capacitive sensors, recorders, connectors, linear measurement systems, machine monitoring systems, tape and accessories, magnetic sensors, operator panel, plc, position indicators, position control devices, position sensors, relays, counter timers, scada, you ask, sensor amplifiers, servo systems, solid state relays, thristor power regulator, temperature process control, tachometer, panelmeters, complementary products, measurement and evaluation, inductive sensors, button, security products, connectors, relays, capacitive sensors, power supplies, magnetic sensors, encoders, plc, servo systems, scada, operator panel, safety barriers, recorders, complementary products
ARDA MAKINA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Zeki KARA    
s automatisation, automatisations, automation, automations, electrical installations, electrical installation, electrical control, electrical contols, transformers supplies, power supplies, security products, security product, security accessories, security accessory, sensors, sensor, board accessories, board accessory, hand tools, hand tool, chemical, chemicals, chemical products, cable products, cable accessories, cable accessory, illumination, illuminations, battery, batterys, measuring equipme, test equipments, measuring equipments, warning lamps, sirens, board accessories, low voltage distribution
TURCK OTOMASYON TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s sensor technology, identification systems, connectivity technology, fieldbus technology, interface technology, machine safety, industrial control systems, power supplies, led technology, industrial control systems, power supplies
PARDUS ELEKTRIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Levent DEMİRAL    
s electrical materials, lightings, led lightings, illuminations, bulbs, lamp sockets, bulb sockets, glowlamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescences, flourescent lamps, flourescents, gas discharge lamps, gas discharge bulbs, power supplies, led strings, adapters, led illuminations, ballasted lamps, ballasted buls, lamps, transparent lamps, transparent bulbs, mercury vapor lamps, halogen lamps, electrical material, lighting, led lighting, illumination, bulb, lamp socket, bulb socket, glowlamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescence, flourescent lamp, flourescent, gas discharge lamp, gas discharge bulb, power supply, led string, adapter, led illumination, ballasted lamp, ballasted bul, lamp, transparent lamp, transparent bulb, mercury vapor lamp, halogen lamp, halogen lamp
AVRASYA BILGISAYAR LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Akan ÇELİK    
s computers, computer components, desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, computer parts, softwares, computer cases, cpu processors, external optical drives, sound cards, tv tuners, fans, graphics cards, internal memory card readers, internal modems, internal optical drives, internal sound cards, memories, motherboards, network cards, power supplies, video cards, cpus, mini computers, computer, computer component, desktop computer, laptop, notebook, water treatment systems, waste water treatment systems, water filling systems, recycling systems, biogas systems, water technologies, textile machines, textile machineries, water treatment system, waste water treatment system, water filling system, recycling system, biogas system, water technology, textile machine, textile machinery, osmosis, reverse osmosis, water treatment, water filling, recycling, waste water treatment
FOCUS ELEKTRONIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Nimet YARDIMLI    
s electrical installation materials, cable, cables, cable accessories, industrial electrical electronic, connector, rail connectors, automotive connectors, industrial connectors, semiconductors, active circuit elements, passive circuit elements, integrated, connectors, led, military, display, passive, semiconductor, switch, switches, crimp, fan, igbt, sensors, transistors, electronic, defense, automotive, circuit breaker, capacitor, laboratory equipments, batteries, transformers, electronic components, terminals, cable lugs, fans, relay, circuit breakers, relays, sensor, speaker, single core cables, converters, fuses, indicators, power supplies, workshop equipments, armoured cables, transformer spare parts, transistor, laboratory test equipment, regulators, diodes, radar systems, pvc coated cables, thermal management and audio systems, buzzer, industrial-type circuit breakers, military type circuit breakers, compact circuit breaker, modular circuit breaker, led display products, led monitor, communication system components, cable protection accessories, defense industry system components, spare parts for the defense industry, soldering systems, desoldering systems, laboratory measuring instruments, auto led interior lighting, beacons, warning relay, audible warning units, transformer parts, power supply parts, electrical wiring accessories, electrical installation parts, radiofrequency products, cable connectors, wiring, electrooptics systems, special design lcd, avionic system products, multicore cables, crimps
CEMAL ELEKTRONIK        Türkiye     cemal topuzoglu    
s electronic materials, electronic products, electrical material, electrical product, electronic instruments, pneumatic products, power sources, power resources, power supplies, connectors, connector, automatization materials, automatisation products, power sources
SIEL ENERJI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Hüseyin ULUTAŞ    
s ups, online ups, line interactive ups, uninterruptible power supplies, power supplies, inverters, rectifiers, redressers, converters, voltage regulators, regulators, transformers, electric vehicle units, batteries, renewable energy systems, dc systems, micro processor regulators, static regulators, dc motor drives, dry type batteries, photovoltaic panels, charging regulators, off grid systems, on grid systems, uninterruptible power supply, power supply, inverter, rectifier, redresser, converter, voltage regulator, regulator, t, battery, solar panels, transformer, static regulator, maintenance free batteries, dry type battery, solar inverters, photovoltaic panel, renewable energy system, servo, dc motor drive, solar batteries, stabiliser, micro and static voltage regulators, electric vehicle unit, dc system, micro processor regulator, charging regulator, off grid system, on grid system, solar charging regulators, onduleur, onduleurs, ac / dc
AL-MATEEN ASSOCIATES        Pakistan     Asim Javed    
s relays, terminal blocks, surge protection devices, power supplies, terminal blocks
HAMUS BILISIM INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Haluk DUYGUN    
s computers, computer hardwares, server products, servers, network products, printers, scanners, plotters, notebooks, desktop computers, computer cases, computer towers, switches, motherboards, harddisks, internal harddisks, power supplies, ram memories, memories, hp servers, ibm servers, storage units, server hardwares, hp switches, cisco switches, computer, computer hardware, server product, server, network product, printer, scanner, plotter, notebook, desktop computer, computer case, computer t, switch, power supply, storage unit, memory, plotters, cisco switch, computer tower, motherboard, harddisk, internal harddisk, ram memory, hp server, ibm server, server hardware, hp switch
GPS ENDUSTRIYEL A.S.        Türkiye     Serdar ÇALLI    
s transformer, transformers, electric panels, electric panel, distribution boards, power distribution, power distribution boards, engine control boards, compensation panel, compensation boards, control panel, control panels, control board, control boards, plc automation panels, plc automation control, automation control panels, industrial automations, plc products, modular cell, programmable logic controller, plc systems, plc system, plc equipments, power distribution panels, electric distribution, industrial automation, power supplies, battery tester, battery chargers, rectifiers, power systems, ups, automation solutions, regulators, industrial power systems, regulator, electric distribution board, compensation boards, battery testers, electric distribution panels, transformer system, transformer systems, battery test devices, battery testing devices
DETASIS TARTI SISTEMLERI A.S.        Türkiye     Özkan DERİCİ    
s scale, scales, platform scales, truck scales, axle scales, animal scales, industrial scales, blacksmith scales, weighing parts, weighing spare parts, scale parts, scale spare parts, indicators, scale indicators, weighing systems, weighing equipments, printers, power supply, power supplies, hand terminals, weighing hoist, weighing hoists, hoist weighing scales, hoist scale, hoist scales, floor scale, floor scales, weighing pallets, livestock scales, livestock weighing equipments, livestock weighi, electronic weighing systems, scale accessories, weighing modules, electronic weighing scales, trailer scales, portable scales, weighbridge, weighbridges, livestock weighing, livestock weighing systems, tabletop scales, ahnging crane scale, bench scales, agricultural scales, ironsmith scale, column type scales, vehicle weighbridge, vehicle weighing
HERETECH INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS        Türkiye     Gunay Karatas    
s aluminium, aluminum, uninterruptible power supply, modular ups, grid hybrid ups, regulator, static transfer switch, solar inverter, power supplies, power supplie, uninterruptible power supplies, uninterruptible power supplie, regulators, inverter, inverters, dry battery, dry batterys, batterys, battery, energy, energys, alternative energy, alternative energys, semiconductors, power capacitors, industrial furnaces, industrial furnace, power capacitor, semiconductor, thyristor, capacitor, thyristors, scr, igbt, industrial, furnace, furnaces, induction melting, induction furnaces, copper melting, steel melting, foundry equipment, tilting rotary furnace, foundry, equipment, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, aluminum ingot casting lines, industrial heating furnaces for steel industry, turnkey aluminum scrap recycling systems, fast inverter thyristors, phase
TELETEK ELEKTRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     V. Demet TEZOL    
s lighting, room lighting, street lighting, electricity, wall lighting, ceiling lighting, lightings, room lightings, street lightings, electricitys, wall lightings, ceiling lightings, multisswitch, power supplies, power supplie, uninterruptible power supplies, regulator, regulators, inverter, inverters, dry battery, dry batterys, batterys, battery, energy, energys, alternative energy, alternative energys, lights, lightings, road lightings, street lightings, greenhouse lightings, wallwashers, multiswitches, fiber optic cables, headends, modulators, light, lighting, road lighting, street lighting, greenhouse lighting, wallwasher, multiswitch, fiber optic cable, headend, modulator
IZMIT GUC SISTEMLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet DEMİRLİ    
s generators, generator, transformer, transformers, power systems, power system, power supply, power supplies, synchronous systems, automation systems, automation, diesel generator, diesel generators, synchronous system, automation system, genset, power transformers, voltage transformer, voltage transformers, gasoline generator, distribution transformers, dry type transformer, distribution transformer, dry type transformers, hermetic transformers, medium voltage transformers, transformer accessories, power transformer, single phase transformer, hermetic transformer, transformer with expansion tank, water cooled transformers, custom transformers, marine generator, special type transformer, hermetically sealed transformer, special type transformers, industrial transformers, gensets, medium voltage generator, hermetic sealed transformer, custom transformer, transformer with expansion vessel, industrial transformer, mono phase transformers, rectifier type transformers, water cooled transformer, air cooled transformer, air cooled transformers, wind power turbine transformer, turbine transformer, turbine transformers, high voltage generator, low voltage generator